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RBCV (Aug 2017)


Born 1983 Perth, Australia

2017   Untitled (Exploded View), Dunedin Public Art Gallery, NZ
2016   WA Focus: Rebecca Baumann, Art Gallery of WA, Perth
2015   Manoeuvres, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth
2014   Once More With Feeling, Starkwhite, Auckland
2012   Automated Monochrome, IMA@Ksubi, Brisbane
2010   Untitled State of Mind, Gallery ON, Poznan, Poland
           Action #1 - Artists in Response to City Spaces, Cultural Centre, Perth
2009   This Glorious Mess, Free Range Gallery, Perth
           From the beginning; one more time, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth

2017   Superposition of Three Types, curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor and Talia Linz, Artspace, Sydney
2016   New Romance, curated by Anna Davis and Houngcheol Choi, MCA Australia, Sydney
           Dancing Umbrellas, curated by Sue Cramer, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
2015   New Romance, curated by Anna Davis and Houngcheol Choi, MMCA, Seoul, South Korea
           In Motion, Starkwhite, Auckland NZ
           Here & Now 15, curated by Andrew Purvis, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
           Colour Restraint, curated by Megan Monte, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
           Chromatic Syncopation, curated by Consuelo Cavaniglia, First Draft, Sydney
           Color Fields, curated by Lisa Tung, Bakalar & Paine Gallery, MassArt, Boston USA
2014   Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong, curated by Yuko Hasegawa
           Dirty, curated by Shannon Lyons & Dave Attwood, Kings ARI, Melbourne
           Project 14: Free Range, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
           Burster Flipper Wobbler Dripper Spinner Stacker Shaker Maker, curated by Justin Paton,
           Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ
2013   Everyday Magic, curated by Bree Richards, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
           Sydney Contemporary 13, Starkwhite, Sydney
           Auckland Art Fair, Starkwhite, Auckland NZ
           PICA Salon 2013, curated by Leigh Robb, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
           Bazinga!, curated by Robert Leonard, Starkwhite, Auckland, NZ
           LUMINOUSFLUX, curated by Ted Snell & Sally Quin, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth
           Occasional Miracles, curated by Elise Routledge, Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria
2012   First Amongst Equals (Part II), curated by Leigh Robb, PICA, Perth
           Formal Intensity, curated by A.Best and S.Rowland, Tsagaandarium Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
           Octopus 12: First Amongst Equals (Part I), curated by Leigh Robb, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
           Contemporary Australia: Women, curated by Julie Ewington et al, GoMA, Brisbane
           Volume One: MCA Collection, curated by Glenn Barkley, MCA, Sydney
2011   Primavera 2011, curated by Anna Davis, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
           PICA Salon, curated by Leigh Robb, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
           SPECTACLE/OBSTACLE, curated by SuperKaleidoscope, First Draft Gallery, Syd / Westspace, Melb
           NEW11, curated by Hannah Mathews, ACCA, Melbourne
2010   Culturia Winter Show, Juno Gallery, Berlin, Germany
           Rounds, curated by Sarah Rowbottam, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
2009   Windows on William, curated by Katie Lenanton, Wellington Street Bus Station, Perth
2008   Linden1968, curated by Hannah Mathews & Ben Riding, Linden Centre, Melbourne
           SILVER: ARTRAGE 25, curated by Marcus Canning & Andrew Gaynor, PICA
           First Page, curated by Jessyca Hutchens and Matthew Giles, Breadbox Gallery, Perth
2007   New Disorder, curated by Aidan Broderick, Old Berlin, Perth
           Olive Cotton Award, Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah NSW
2005   Duty Free, curated by Patrick Doherty and Trevor Bly, Arts House Gallery, Perth
2004   Supermart '04, curated by Tom Muller and Stuart Clipson, Breadbox Gallery, Perth
           Figured Out! curated by Helen Morgan and Allison Archer, The Church Gallery, Perth

2015   Arts Project Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
           Development Grant, Department of Culture and the Arts
2014   Artflight Grant, Department of Culture and the Arts
2013   Mid Career Fellowship, Department of Culture and the Arts
           Finalist, Guirguis New Art Prize, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria
2012   Veolia Primavera Acquisitive Award
           Dame Joan Sutherland Fund Travel Grant, American Australian Association
           Finalist, ALICE Awards, Emerging Artist category
2011   Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
           Art & Australia / Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award
           Emerging New Work Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
           Development Grant, Department of Culture and the Arts
2009   Visual Arts Winner, Qantas Spirit of Youth Award
           Emerging New Work Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
           Young People and the Arts, Development Grant, Department of Culture and the Arts
2003   Dean's Commendation, Curtin University of Technology, Perth
2001   Curtin School of Art Award for Achievement

2016   International Visiting Artist, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, NZ
2016   Australia Council Helsinki Studio Residency, HIAP, Finland
2012   International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) Residency, New York
2010   Culturia Residency, Berlin
2008   AWESOME Creative Challenge Residency, Wiluna WA

2015  ARTBAR curator, MCA, Sydney
         Mechanised Colour Assemblage, collaboration with Danny Rose for VIVID Sydney
2014  Reflected Glory, collaboration with Romance Was Born, Carriageworks, Sydney
2013  Inaugural PICA edition artist

2003   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Curtin University of Technology, Perth

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Art Gallery of Western Australia
Chartwell Collection, NZ
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, NZ
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
University of Western Australia Art Collection
Wesfarmers Collection, WA
Various Private Collections